ScienceWorks Field Stage Schedule

(Exact times subject to change)

11:00 AM – Richard Jarrell
12:00 PM – JenUwin
1:00 PM – Emily Coker
2:00 PM – Circus Science
3:00 PM – Lisa Winter
4:00 PM – Intuitive Compass


11:00 AM – Richard Jarrell

Title:  “Turning “Making” into a career” with Jarel Designs

Bio: Richard Jarel has turned his tinkering creativity into a career, creating special effects robotic puppets and mechanical props for films like “Star Trek IX”, The 5th Element and The Power Rangers as well as becoming an award winning designer and prototype developer for companies like Mattel, Hasbro and others.  In addition, Richard recently appeared in the premiered episode of the History Channel’s “Million Dollar Genius”.

12:00 PM –
JenUwin the musical bubbling unicorn with moxie!

Title:  The musical bubbling unicorn with moxie!

Bio: JenUwin also performs for community concerts, summer festivals, and tours her Saxophonic Spectacular show in elementary schools and retirement facilities. Jenifer is also in many schools offering uplifting after-school and in-school music and singing experiences that are lively, fun, and educational.


1:00 PM – Emily Coker 

Title:  Join Make: Author, Emily Coker as she shares her maker journey, discusses how creative problem solving and thinking should be applied to all areas of life and build a blinky bug from Make It Glow.

Bio:  Emily Coker is a maker professional and generalist who is passionate about empowering herself and others through hands on learning and making. When not creating projects for the masses, she can be spotted tinkering around in her shop futzing with electronics, robotics and the latest in tech and craft. She is regular contributor to Make: and and currently works for Google X.


2:00 PM  – Circus Science

Title: How do performers do amazing tricks? They use physics! Craig will introduce circus skills and teach all about the science that makes it possible. Craig will walk on stilts, juggle, hoola, balance, and clown around. Come explore the science of balance, equilibrium, inertia, and friction under our own Big Top.

Bio: Craig Lamm has worked extensively in education across the United States and abroad.  He studied theatre at the University of Oregon, was a teaching apprentice at Seattle Children’s Theatre, and has worked with students of all ages from pre-K to high school.  With a focus on creativity as a conduit for self actualization, independence, and extended awareness, Craig has taught everything from creative drama to advanced acting, from juggling to multiplication, from English as a second language to the life cycle of the butterfly.


3:00 PM – Lisa Winter 

Title:  From childhood projects to building robots to a career at the largest toy company in the world. This presentation will cover Lisa Winter’s life and how her hobby turned into a successful career. Following your dreams can actually pay off!

Bio:  A roboticist since childhood, Lisa has 20 years experience designing and building robots. She has competed in all U.S. Robot Wars and BattleBots competitions since 1996, including ABC’s BattleBots. Lisa was recently named one of the top 25 women in robotics you need to know about by Robohub. She has been inventing and rapid prototyping connected devices since the beginning of the IoT movement. Currently an Engineering Project Manager at Mattel, developing a smart wearable baby monitor. At night she builds robots, plays violin, and has ambitions to save the world.


4:00 PM – Intuitive Compass (

Title:   Make Music (Live Musical Act)

Bio:  Intuitive Compass is the diverse talents of songwriter and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West taken together with old time circus freak and accordionist Aurelia Anne Cohen. Purveyors of “Original Western Folk Music” they offer a timeless sound, invoking a musical America of the past without ever sounding dated. Their provocative lines and dynamic arrangements include elements of country blues, old-time, vintage swing, jazz, frontier balladry, instrumentals and the perpetuation of traditional folk songs.