Nerdy Derby @ Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire

Nerdy Derby is a miniature car building and racing competition inspired by the Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby. You can bring a car to race, or build one onsite using recycled materials!

The Nerdy Derby event is hosted by ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum and Tom Sepe Productions.

If you would like to make a car at home and bring it to the event, you can find out how to do it at this link:

We need your recycled supplies for the Nerdy Derby race. Bring any of the following supplies for your car, or to help stock the Nerdy Derby construction area!

  • Anything vaguely wheel shaped (spools, washers, small lids, actual wheels from old toys, pingpong balls, slices of wooden dowels, etc.)
  • Car bodies: pieces of wood, stiff cardboard, pvc and/or cardboard tubes, anything 12″ or less
  • Decorations: pipe cleaners, construction paper, foam core, markers, googly eyes, stickers. anything to make the cars more interesting to look at.


If you have large quantities of these items and would like to donate them before the event, email us at